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You have the right to know when the Ontario government is planning to do something that may affect the environment — and you can have a say.

Now, you can stay on top of the issues you care about with the help of Environmental Registry Alerts.

When the Ontario government proposes something environmentally significant, it posts information about the proposal on the Environmental Registry for public comment. When the government makes a decision, it posts another notice explaining that decision.

You can sign up to receive alerts when notices about topics that interest you are posted on the Registry. It's easy: just enter keywords or phrases that reflect your interests. You can add, delete or revise your keywords anytime. Environmental Registry Alerts monitors the Registry, and sends you an e-mail when new notices that contain your chosen keywords are posted.

What Is This About?

The Environmental Registry is where government actions that affect the environment are posted. This service monitors that registry for the keywords that our users monitor and sends them an email when there is a match.

This service is offered as a public service by the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario.

What the Alerts Look Like:

Screenshot of what an email alert looks like